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Photo of Lindenmyer Munroe's wide format experience center||

Wide Format Experience Center Field Trip

Last spring Kristen and Kristin took a field trip down to Trenton, New Jersey, to meet with the team at Lindenmyer Munroe and see their printers in action. Why? Because, as Kristen puts it, “I like machines!” When she exhibited at their Wide-format Expo in the spring, she knew she wanted to return and see some of those machines in action. At the Wide Format Experience Center, the team showed off those machines by printing Design Pool patterns. This facility is 5,000 square feet, with a large area showcasing wide format printing and finishing equipment from top manufacturers. In addition, there is another area dedicated to a dye sublimation and textile showroom.

Epson Sure Color printer at the Wide Format Experience Center printing Design Pool pattern Artichoke.
Pattern Artichoke being printed.

On this trip, Kristen was struck by the versatility of machines available. They had printers for paper, sure, but also blankets, soft signage, and laser-cutting machines. The speed and print quality of the various printers was also impressive. The tour reinforced what Kristen knows to be true; the possibilities for wide-format printing in the interior design community are endless. These printers have the ability to print on a wide range of surfaces. A designer really could print on any surface in a room; floors, walls, furniture, whatever!

Wide Format Experience Center Tour

The Lindenmyer team was so welcoming and enthusiastic in showing off their printers with Design Pool patterns. Thanks so much to everyone for hosting us and sharing your knowledge. Special shout out to the very good boy, Bob the shop dog! And if you’re thinking about buying new printers, reach out to this team to learn more about all the possibilities.

Dog named Bob laying on floor of office.
Bob, the shop dog!

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Kristin Crane

Kristin Crane has designed jacquard designs for the home furnishing and residential jobber market for many years, with mills in the US and in China. Today, she writes about pattern and design trends for Design Pool from her home in Providence, Rhode Island. When not writing about fabric, she can be found weaving in her home studio or hiking along the Rhode Island coast.


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