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Veilish: A Woven Window Film

Window films are a versatile range of products made to suit different needs for home, commercial, and even vehicle use. Traditionally, window films were made of a thin multi-layered polyester material often treated with reflective coatings. Now, designers and homeowners have other options. Meet Veilish: a woven window film from Graphix Unlimited that offers a fabric-based option for your commercial window film needs.

Pattern Silhouette Garden printed on Veilish

What is Veilish? 

Veilish is the leading fabric-based printing material used for woven window films. Many designers consider Veilish a high-end alternative to other window films on the market. This semi-transparent polyester fabric can be custom cut to fit any size or shape and used on a variety of surfaces, including glass and metal. Additionally, it’s easy to install, as well as remove and reuse on other surfaces without leaving any residue behind. Veilish is printable with (Eco)Solvent, UV, and Latex and is certified for HP Latex inks. You can read more product specifications on our materials specs page; just scroll down to woven window film. 

Why Use It? 

Window film has many uses in commercial and home interiors. Like other window films, Veilish offers indoor privacy without restricting your view of the outdoors. Plus, you can customize your window film with specific patterns and colors, adding another level of personalization to your space. Window film also helps maintain the temperature of your space, thereby reducing energy costs and helping the environment. While all window films help reduce harmful infrared rays, Veilish specifically reduces these rays by 25-35%. It’s also fade-resistant, meaning the film will maintain its color and pattern while protecting the furniture in your home from sun damage.

Pattern Shadow Puppets printed on Veilish.

Introducing Light Play: A New Collection by Design Pool for Veilish

Kristen Dettoni designed Light Play, a new collection of patterns debuting at NeoCon 2024, with Veilish in mind. Kristen wanted to create patterns that highlight this woven window film’s wide range of possibilities. The collection features fourteen patterns that invite the viewer to interact with the pattern. They encourage play with light and shadow. This collection adds interactivity to an interior space by playing with elements such as flowers, feathers, and shadow puppets. All Light Play patterns are live in our licensable library.

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Emma Becker

Emma Becker is a teaching artist and arts administrator working in the state of Rhode Island. She believes art, creativity, and self-expression are essential parts of education. The daughter of a weaver, she grew up surrounded by textiles and developed a deep respect for textiles and their makers.


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