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6 Jun Spotlight: Acoustical Panels by Image Craft

Image Craft became a Design Pool partner in the spring of 2021. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Image Craft is nationally recognized for its design, production, and execution of visual communications, with a focus on environmental graphics. Image Craft is our partner for printing sound-absorbing wallcoverings and acoustical panels. These panels are perfect for permanent or […]

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20 May Spotlight: Wallcovering by Color Reflections

Color Reflections became a Design Pool partner in early 2021 to offer Design Pool users an option for printing custom wallpaper and wallcovering. They are a family-based company with six offices across the country including two in Florida, and ones in Georgia, Texas, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. A grand format digital imaging and printing company, they […]

Product Spotlight Whiteboards written in text over image of three whiteboards with Design Pool patterns.|Screenshot of Design Pool product listing highlighting white board icon.|Grid of 11 icons with names of different materials. The icon for white board is highlighted.

24 Mar Spotlight: Whiteboards by VividBoard

VividBoard, part of the GMI Companies group, specializes in making custom whiteboards and glassboards used in healthcare environments. Based in Ohio, Vividboard can print any pattern from the Design Pool licensable library on any of the products they offer. All of their products are designed to give caregivers, patients, and their families the best experience […]


20 Jan Customize Wallpaper for Modern Interiors

With exciting new companies joining us as Design Pool partners, it is now easier than ever for Design Pool customers to print any design from our pattern library onto wallpaper. Our new partners Graphix Unlimited and Lucent Graphic Solutions, both offer options for printing on a variety of interesting wallcovering materials. As a result, interior […]


29 Oct Customize Whiteboards for Healthcare & Offices

VividBoard is committed to improving a patient’s experience in hospitals and outpatient facilities through clear communication. Their whiteboards make it easy to effectively communicate with patients and their caregivers. Whiteboards may not seem exciting on the face of it. Yet, VividBoard’s products stand out because they are well designed and unique to a particular environment. […]

Lattice for Museum L-A Pattern 1672 on Glass|

28 Aug Digitally Printed Glass Customized with Pattern

Customizing elements and materials in commercial or residential interiors was once reserved for big projects with even bigger budgets. But with the rise of print-on-demand technology, that’s all changed. Interior designers can now easily and affordably customize anything, even privacy glass panels. Why pick a design off the shelf when digitally printed glass allows you […]

|Texture Plaid Pattern P1332 on Flooring|Floor_Kids_P532a4 Diggers and Trucks Pattern

23 Jul Decorative Vinyl Flooring, Endless Possibilities

Decorative vinyl flooring continues to grow in popularity for use in both commercial and residential interiors. As print-on-demand manufacturing capabilities have grown, so have the possibilities for more interesting designs on vinyl flooring. Previously, design options were limited to those meant to mimic traditional flooring, such as hardwood or tile. Today, customization makes the design […]


29 Jun Graphic Image Flooring is Our Newest Partner

Design Pool is excited to announce a new partnership with Graphic Image Flooring. Choose any pattern from the Design Pool library to print directly on Graphic Image Flooring’s vinyl flooring. Based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Graphic Image Flooring manufacturers durable, recyclable, printed vinyl flooring. Using the latest in digital printing technology all orders are print-on-demand. Their products have a wide range […]


29 Apr VividBoard Offers Custom Whiteboards

Every day, in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, healthcare providers are using whiteboards to communicate with patients, their families, and each other. Keeping track of medication schedules, shift changes, and notes from visitors, whiteboards are an important necessity. Now, institutions are looking to companies such as VividBoard to customize those boards. As a […]


31 Jan Vistamatic and Digital Printing on Glass

Design Pool is excited to share that we have partnered with Vistamatic to expand their graphic portfolio. This partnership allows them to offer a wide range of unique pattern designs on their revolutionary glass panels. Vistamatic’s patented product, the Vistamatic Vision Panel is simple, durable, and visually pleasing. Used primarily in healthcare facilities, these panels […]