7 Dec 2024 Colors of the Year

It’s that time of year, when we round up all the 2024 Colors of the Year so you have them all in one place. What is always fascinating about rounding up these color choices is seeing what they tell us about this moment in time. The choices Pantone makes, as well as the major paint […]

Photo of different colors of paint dropping onto a flat surface

6 Dec 2023 Colors of the Year

It’s time to round up the 2023 Colors of the Year. This year we’re looking at the major paint companies and, of course, Pantone. Why see them all in one place? As we move from one year into the next, color trends tell us a lot about the mood of a particular moment, like a […]


9 Dec 2022 Colors of the Year

It’s that time of year when we gather everyone’s pick for 2022 Colors of the Year in one place. Not only is it inspiring to see the beautiful colors companies have chosen to represent the upcoming year, but it’s even more interesting to hear why they chose what they did. What happened in the year […]


18 Dec 2021 Colors of the Year Round Up

Each year we like to round up all the paint companies’ colors of the year. It always gives insight into where we were in the year that’s closing out and where we’re heading. When it comes to picking a Color of the Year for 2021, the colors differ from company to company. Yet, their picks […]