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Introducing The Zecchino Collection

This December, we added a new collection of designs sure to jazz up any room: The Zecchino Collection. This group of thirteen patterns adds sparkle to a room without the abrasion issues or added expense of actual sequins. This collection was inspired by Kristen’s enthusiasm for Italian history and hand embellishments. Additionally, she is always looking to find creative ways to use digital printing to deliver otherwise inaccessible looks on flat substrates.

Design Pool pattern Bar Sequins shown used as wallpaper.
Pattern Bar Sequins, P2249

What does the name Zecchino mean?

The name Zecchino originates from the Venetian colloquial noun zecchino, a Venetian ducat coin. The word was rendered into French as sequin. After the Napoleonic invasion of Italy, the Venetians stopped minting the ducat. With the currency phased out, French people began using the word to describe tiny pieces of shiny metal used to adorn garments and add sparkle, instead of for coins.

Design Pool pattern Sequins shown used as table laminate.
Pattern Sequins, P2250

What exactly are sequins?

Sequins are also referred to as paillettes, spangles, or diamanté. Although these words can be used interchangeably, there are a few differences. Diamanté specifically refers to diamond-shaped sequins and can be used to mean “artificial diamonds,” which serve the same purpose as sequins.

In costuming, sequins refer to a disc with a center hole, while spangles have a hole at the top, and paillettes are typically very large and flat. Whichever shape is used, they are stitched onto fabric so they do not fall off. Yet, they are stitched only at one point, so they dangle and move freely, catching the light. Some sequins have multiple facets to increase their reflective ability, while others are stamped out with lobes resembling flower petals.

Design Pool pattern Bar Paillette shown used as upholstery.
Pattern Paillette, P2248

What’s in the Zecchino Collection?

The Zecchino Collection is a group of thirteen patterns, each bringing its own sense of sparkle. These patterns use texture to visually create an illusion of glimmer, even though they’re digitally printed on otherwise flat surfaces. Some of these patterns are very obvious recreations of actual sequins, such as patterns Sequins, Paillettes, and Spangles.

Other patterns add texture to motifs to jazz up otherwise simple designs, such as Sparkle Leaves, Zecchino Bamboo, and Diamante Eucalyptus.

A few patterns also read more like a patterned plain with a layer of shimmer. For example, Glitter Grain is a random stripe pattern, and Glitter Branches a layered allover.

These patterns are perfect for adding a bit of glitz to rooms that otherwise couldn’t have real sequins, such as common areas in senior living facilities or a campus community center. For example, when printed on upholstery for a hotel lounge, the pattern gives a bit of shimmer while maintaining high abrasion results and withstanding rigorous cleaning.

Design Pool pattern Sparkle Leaves shown used as carpeting.
Pattern Sparkle Leaves, P2251

You can view all of the patterns in the Zecchino Collection in our licensable library. To use one in your next project, simply click on the icon for whatever material you’re interested in. You’ll be connected directly to the printer.

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Kristen Dettoni

Kristen is a visionary textile designer based in Southern New Hampshire with a track record of industry-defining contributions dating back to 1993. She is the Founder of Design Pool and Domanda Design and is an occasional blogger. Her creative influence is reflected in her work across multiple sectors, including automotive, office, hospitality, healthcare and home furnishings. Kristen is an accomplished designer with over thirty years of experience in design with a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She maintains an art practice and exhibits her artwork in juried and group shows throughout the United States. Her artwork has received numerous awards and honorable mentions. Whatever her creative pursuit, Dettoni approaches it with a strong belief in the power of good design to transform our environments and ultimately, our lives.


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