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Fall 2023 Color Trends

Fall has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere. That means it’s time to break out the sweaters, scarves, and boots and switch from iced coffee to hot. It’s also time to pore over the Fall 2023 collections to see what’s trending on the runways. In particular, what colors are trending, and how will they eventually influence interiors?    

At first glance, fall 2023 feels very cozy.

Designers are working with an abundance of lush textures and earthy materials like leather, faux fur, and chunky knits. Silhouettes are often oversized and exaggerated, and models are heaped with layers upon layers. Scarves are enormous and easy to get lost in.

As for color, fall 2023 is cozy, with hues overwhelmingly from the warm side of the spectrum. Red, by far, is making the most significant statement this season. It was there in different shades, from red wine to scarlet to pure red. Though red may have taken over from last year’s favorite, pink, there is still plenty of pink in a lovely range of shades. In addition, orange and coral were making a statement than last year, as well as rich golds.

Some cooler colors were present, but they were usually used more as accents or combined with rich neutrals. Moreover, when they were used, they were saturated and rich.

The warmth extended to neutrals too. Browns were rich and luxurious, and camel shades brought a cozy feeling while staying sophisticated. Far from boring, textures such as huge knits, feathers, leather, and metallics helped take neutrals to new levels. While there was still plenty of black, especially paired with navy, white, or grey, texture helped these colors avoid feeling cool. Rather than being stark and bright, whites leaned more toward an unbleached, warmer feel.

Graphic of 20 different color circles showing colors trending for fall 2023.

What about pattern?

This season was full of animal prints, particularly big cats like leopards and cheetahs, and plenty of snake skins. There was also a lot of what Glamour magazine described as “art prints.” Digital printing has changed how imagery can be applied to cloth, and designers are using this technology to feature statement-making prints. It almost creates a sense of art walking through the streets rather than hanging on a wall. There were also a ton of preppy plaids, checks, and menswear tweeds. Again, these were often oversized or layered with other elements to take them in exciting new directions.

How will these trends influence interiors? We see a lot of overlap in color palettes and also in the drive for warm and cozy texture. We also see how digital prints such as the art prints trending, will likely have an impact on digitally printed statement pieces in interiors.

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to see more examples of these colors, head over to this Pinterest board we created. Download our free color card if you want to use these colors in your next project. Print it out to hang on your corkboard for inspiration, or save it to your desktop. This download includes hex numbers to make it super easy to use.

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Kristin Crane

Kristin Crane has designed jacquard designs for the home furnishing and residential jobber market for many years, with mills in the US and in China. Today, she writes about pattern and design trends for Design Pool from her home in Providence, Rhode Island. When not writing about fabric, she can be found weaving in her home studio or hiking along the Rhode Island coast.


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