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VividBoard Offers Custom Whiteboards

Every day, in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, healthcare providers are using whiteboards to communicate with patients, their families, and each other. Keeping track of medication schedules, shift changes, and notes from visitors, whiteboards are an important necessity. Now, institutions are looking to companies such as VividBoard to customize those boards. As a result, boards are visually on brand and perfectly suited to their particular needs.

VividBoard, a GMI company, has been creating custom whiteboards since 2002. They were inspired to change how traditional whiteboards were produced and used in healthcare facilities. Firstly, they focused on creating high-quality whiteboards with an image embedded onto the surface to create a custom product. These customized whiteboards proved perfect for environments where information needs to grab attention, look professional, yet is changed often.

VividBoard prides themselves on being a family-owned company manufacturing their products in the USA. They believe strongly that this commitment makes it possible to work closely with their customers. Likewise, they provide exceptional service to their customers, employees, and the local community. They can innovate easily and quickly, respond to the rapidly changing market, and get finished products to their customers as expected. As a result, every product is delivered on time and in a quality built to last.

Over the last few years, VividBoard has seen significant growth in the healthcare market, and this continues to be a major focus for them. As healthcare facilities continue to focus on patient satisfaction, whiteboards have become an integral feature of the patient’s room. Patient room boards provide nurses and caregivers a place to communicate with their patients easily and effectively.

Studies have shown the use of whiteboards significantly increased the proportion of patients who knew their physician, their goals for admission, and their estimated discharge date. In addition, they saw a reduction in treatment errors as well as a reduction in patient inquiries, calls, and anxiety levels. Patient communication boards can increase patient satisfaction scores by up to 6 points when used properly.

However, no two hospitals are the same. Being able to customize a whiteboard for the specific needs of a healthcare facility has been a huge advantage. For VividBoard, customization is at the core of what they do. They work directly with their healthcare customers to design a tailored communication solution for their specific needs. With our expertise in healthcare colors, trends, and pattern design, we have been able to work closely with VividBoard to expand their design offerings. According to Senior Marketing Manager Susan Claus, “We’re excited to be able to complement interior spaces of healthcare facilities with Design Pool designs. Their expertise in healthcare colors and pattern design is the perfect addition to our custom communication boards”

The healthcare market is growing exponentially. VividBoard is committed to servicing this market and continuing to innovate with tailored communication solutions. Interested in working with VividBoard on a customized product? They make it so easy. Head over to their website and choose your design and product. Their team will combine your chosen pattern with the requested colors and send you a mock-up of the design on your selected board. Once it’s approved, it’s ready for production!

Interested in seeing if your product is right for customization? Get in touch with us at Design Pool to find out.

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Kristin Crane

Kristin Crane has designed jacquard designs for the home furnishing and residential jobber market for many years, with mills in the US and in China. Today, she writes about pattern and design trends for Design Pool from her home in Providence, Rhode Island. When not writing about fabric, she can be found weaving in her home studio or hiking along the Rhode Island coast.


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